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    Авторы: Новикова Татьяна, Чудаева Надежда, 11 класс, МБОУ СОШ №5, Красноярск Руководитель: Иванова Н.В. МБОУ СОШ №5, Красноярск

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    Dear friend! Have u ever traveled 2 the US? Du u no how to rite it rite? So, if u r interested, u r on the rite way! Here’s a guide 4 u. And, btw, would u love 2 have an e-pal? Surprised? Well, do u speak BrE? Then look up here

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    Spelling; Pronunciation; Vocabulary; Grammar.

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    Regular differences:centre(BrE) – center (AmE), theatre – theater, colour - color, catalogue – catalog, honour – honor, favourite – favorite, cheque – check, prison – jail and others. Deviant spelling (deviation from the norm): 'They're finger-lickin' good'.  Accurate pronunciation of the word (formal and informal speech): night - nite, through – thru, right – rite. To learn more go here

  • Слайд 5


    AmE pronounces the final /r / - are you /a:r ju:/: are easy / a:r i:zi/; BrE says the final /r/ before vowels (vocalization) – are easy / a:r i:zi/; individual differences: ate - /eit/AmE – /aet/ BrE, schedule – /`skedʒuәl/ - /‘∫edju:l/; long and short pronunciation of the letter A: ask - /aesk/ AmE – /a: sk/ BrE word stress in endings: -ary/-ory : secretary AmE – secretary BrE, laboratory – laboratory , inquiry – inquiry; -et: ballet – ballet, cigarette – cigarette, valet – valet; and other: magazine – magazine, moustache – moustache, premier – premier, princess – princess, weekend – weekend. to know more, go here

  • Слайд 6


    Some words are only in AmE, others - only in BrE  (congress AmE - parliament BrE, apartment – flat, cub – taxi, candy – sweets, elevator – lift, fall – autumn, mail – post, canteen – cafeteria, vacation - holiday); some words are unambiguous (checking account - current account ). Some words have one value from the WSE and more additional values​ (caravan «refers to a group of travelers in the desert" in both versions, in BrE it means vehicle, in AmE – trailer, van).  Both variants have the word undertaker, but AmE has also the word mortician.  Lexical differences in the car terminology (gas (gasoline) AmE –petrol BrE; automobile – car; gas pedal – accelerator; hood – bonnet; tire – tyre; truck – lorry; trunk – boot; windshield - wind-screen); Idioms have different meaning. ‘The play was a real bomb’ AmE =‘a total disaster' – BrE= ‘a huge success’. To know more go here

  • Слайд 7


    Irregular verbs – burned (AmE) - burnt (BrE), get, got, gotten - get, got, got; Possession phrase - Do you have the time? - Have you got the time?; responses are different (I don't - I haven't); AmE uses Past Simple where BrE uses Present Perfect (I just ate - I have just eaten); In AmE will / won 't substitute shall / shan' t; The word order in the noun phraseis different (Hudson River - River Thames, a half hour - half an hour); AmE prefers was (I wish she was here - I wish she were here); adverbs (I'll go momentarily - I'll go in a moment, real good - really good, backward - backwards); Parallel excuses (They live on X street - they live in X street; I'll see you over the weekend - I'll see you at the weekend; Monday through Friday - Monday to Friday inclusive). to learn more look up here

  • Слайд 8


    u – you 2 – to du – do no – know rite – write, right r – are 4 – for btw – by the way idk – I don’t know

  • Слайд 9


    http://esl.about.com/library/vocabulary/blbritam.htm; http://esl.about.com/od/grammarlessons/a/chant17.htm http://esl.about.com/od/grammarlessons/a/chant18.htm; http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/how/how-understand-differences-between-british-and-american-english.

  • Слайд 10


    Лалаянц И. – Приложение к газете «English», №20/1996, p.3; Adopted from Babayantz, A.V. “50 Essentials to Know about American Lifestyle”, Мозаика, №3 – 2005, с. 14; Bordman, Martha. In the USA. – Titul, Obninsk, Chancerel, London, 2000; Crystal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of The English Language. – CUP, Cambridge, 1995; Kral, Thomas. Discover America. An Integrated Skills Text for Intermediate/Advanced Students of English as a Foreign Language. – USIA, Washington, D.C., 1996; Heyck, Denis Lynn Daly. (1994). NY: Routledge; Steinbeck, John. America and Americans, - from Americans at First Glance, Viking Penguin Inc., 1966; Commager, Henry Steele. The Nineteenth-Century American. –from The American History: How the Past Helps Explain the Present and Future, 70-79; Todd Vidamour ‘A Look at Hispanic Heritage in the United States of America’ – Presentation, U.S. Department of State/Georgetown University; U.S. Embassy, Moscow; Novosibirsk State Technical University, 2010; http://www.eslprintables.com/download.asp?id=359572 Раздаточный материал по теме.  

  • Слайд 11


    Иванова Н.В., учитель английского языка, Куратор проектной деятельности Новикова Татьяна, Чудаева Надежда, ученицы 11 Д класса МБОУ СОШ №5 г. Красноярска Январь, 2012

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Иванова Надежда Валентиновна,

учитель английского языка,

куратор проектной деятельности,

МБОУ СОШ №5 г. Красноярска


Study sheet, Part 2

Student’s name: Grade: Date:

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Иванова Надежда Валентиновна,

учитель английского языка,

куратор проектной деятельности,

МБОУ СОШ №5 г. Красноярска


Study sheet, Part 2

Student’s name: Grade: Date:

Task 6

Read an extract from the dialogue. What do the phrases in bold demonstrate?

Прочитай фрагмент из диалога. Что демонстрируют выделенные фразы?

Woman: Ha. You haven’t been to America recently, have you?

Man: Oh I er …I er actually just got back from LA! That’s “Los Angeles” by the way....

Task 7

Use the ‘American English: A Practical Guide’ presentation to take notes on the differences between the two variants of English in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Your theses statement on the topic will be assessed by the teacher.

Сделай конспект о различиях между двумя вариантами английского языка в произношении, грамматике, вокабуляре и орфографии. Твой конспект будет оценен учителем.

Assessment Criteria (Критерии оценивания):

‘5’ – все основные пункты законспектированы (90-100% информации), даны исчерпывающие примеры (3-4).

‘4’ – большинство основных моментов законспектированы (60-89%), примеров достаточно (2).

‘3’– только некоторые моменты законспектированы (40-50%), примеров не достаточно (0-1).

Task 8

Can you help a British girl to explain simple things to her American host family? In every line find and underline British words in each line and change them for their American equivalents. Use the ‘American English: A Practical Guide’ for reference. The British to American / American to British on-line quiz can also help you


Ты можешь помочь британской девочке объяснить простые вещи американской семье, принимающей её? В каждой строчке найди и подчеркни слова из британского английского и замени их эквивалентами из американского английского. Используй презентацию ‘American English: A Practical Guide’ для справки. Он-лайн квиз также поможет тебе.

a. They told me I could buy trainers here. But I can’t see any.

b. Do you always have a barbeque in your back garden?

c. No, don’t lift me! I just need a lift to get upstairs.

d. Excuse me, how can I get to the city centre

e. That’s not a rucksack.

f. Do you happen to know his mobile number?

g. Why are we taking this motorway?

h. I’ll take chocolate biscuits.

i. Where’s the nearest petrol station?

j. I told him to wear his best trousers and he didn’t know what to put on.

k. Yes, the queue was too long really.

l. Excuse me, could you tell me where the toilet is?

m. Hullo, John. Where are you? I thought we were supposed to meet on the ground floor.

Assessment Criteria (Критерии оценивания):

‘5’ – 13 -12 британских ЛЕ (лексических единиц) подчеркнуты и даны их американские эквиваленты.

‘4’ – 11-9 британских ЛЕ подчеркнуты и даны их американские эквиваленты.

‘3’ – 8-6 британских ЛЕ подчеркнуты и даны их американские эквиваленты.

Questionnaire 2

Please, answer the questions again.

Student’s name: Grade: Date:

1. AmE and Br E are:

a- two variants of the same language

b- two different languages.

2. Give 2-3 examples to demonstrate the differences between AmE and BE:

a- spelling:………

b- pronunciation:……..

c- vocabulary:…….

d- grammar:……….

3. AmE and BE are similar in: ………..

4. Where and when do you come across AmE? ………

5. Who needs to know the differences and similarities of AmE and BE?............

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