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    Areas of London

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    City is the oldest area of London City is the largest financial center There is St. Paul's Cathedral ,St Bridge Church, one of the oldest churches of London, the London Tower, ruins of an ancient city wall the Museum of London

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    Westminster is paradise for the tourist, after all basic sights of London here are concentrated. (Buckingham palace, Big Ben on a tower of the Building of Parliament; and Westminster Abbey).

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    Soho- perhaps, the most picturesque and brisk quarter of London. It is the center of night life, area of pubs, restaurants and discos.

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    Chelsea it is a magnificent residential zone directly in megacity heart.

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    Notting Hill

    Notting Hill is a prestigious and expensive area It is well-known for an annual Brazilian Carnival. It is the largest carnival in Europe In Notting Hill there is a flea market of Portobello largest in Europe

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    Knightsbridgeit is known for the shops and boutiques. Here the most expensive boutiques of the most prestigious marks of the world are located.

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    Thanks for attention 

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