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Презентация для школьников на тему "Использование интернет-технологий на уроках английского языка" по иностранным языкам. pptCloud.ru — удобный каталог с возможностью скачать powerpoint презентацию бесплатно.


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    Автор: Телегина Е.Н., учитель английского языка МСОШ№32

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    Facebook ([ˈfeɪsˌbʊk])-Social Network, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates while studying at Harvard University, including Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Thanks to this site Mark Zuckerberg in 1923 became the youngest billionaire. - Log into the site

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    At first website was named thefacebook.com, and was opened only to students of Harvard University, and then access was expanded to other universities in Boston and then for students of all educational institutions of the United States, with an email address with the domain. Beginning in September 2006 the site was opened to all users under the age of 13 years, having e-mail. , Facebook is more than 600 million users, 230 million of whome come to the site using mobile devices.

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    The number of unique visitors in April 2010 totaled 540 million, while the number of page views - 570 billion in revenue for Facebook in 2009, on its own assessment of the company amounted to 700 million U.S. dollars . Facebook allows you to create a profile with photos, invite friends, communicate, inform other users about statues.

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    Facebook offers many features with which users can interact. Among the most popular - a virtual wink, photo albums and a "wall" where friends can leave messages. A user can control the level of access to information posted on the profile, and determine who has access to one or another part. -A lot of people coming to the site

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    Here is the page of Barack Obama

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    Here is the page of the Pope

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    Create a facebook

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    Top 10 search engines

    10 most popular search engines Technology The most popular search engines in Europe The research company comScore conducted in March 2008 measurement of the popularity of search engines among European Internet users: In the first place by a large margin from the persecutors of the American Google with 79.2% of all queries of the Europeans. in the ranking.

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    The second - also American Free eBay, gathered 3.1% of the requests.

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    American hegemony has violated Russian website “Yandex”, which with 2.2% of the requests came in third place was taken by place. The 4th search engine Yahoo.

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    The fifth place belongs to the search engine MSN.

  • Слайд 15


    The sixth and seventh place was shared by Polish site Nasza-Klasa and QXL Ricardo.

  • Слайд 16


    And locked the top ten most popular search engines in Europe, the Russian site Rambler, which collected 125 million requests from users - 0,5% of the total quantity.

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    By search volume in Europe is leading the UK. The share of people in this country had 4 billion queries. Then there is Germany and France with 3.9 billion and 2.9 billion queries, respectively. Russia was in the sixth place with 1.14 billion queries. However, the number of requests for one man Russia is not among the leading place

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    Two leading search engines

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    Автор: Телегина Е.Н., МСОШ№31

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Предмет: английский язык

Учитель: Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна, МОУ гимназия № 19

Программа: - базовый уровень, УМК Биболетова М.З.

Класс: 5

Тема: « Каникулы в международном летнем лагере ».

Цели урока:

Учебная: Тренировать в чтении и устн...


Предмет: английский язык

Учитель: Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна, МОУ гимназия № 19

Программа: - базовый уровень, УМК Биболетова М.З.

Класс: 5

Тема: « Каникулы в международном летнем лагере ».

Цели урока:

Учебная: Тренировать в чтении и устной речи. Познакомить с новой лексикой. Научить писать личное письмо, сообщая новости.

Развивающая: Развивать способность к функционально - адекватному

сочетанию лексических единиц и логическому изложению.

Воспитательная: Воспитывать уважение к иноязычной культуре.

Познавательная: Познакомить с новым способом написания личного письма.

Оборудование: компьютер, экран, презентация к уроку.

Ход урока.

Начало урока.

T: Good morning! I am glad to meet you. Today we`ll speak about holidays.

Фонетическая зарядка.

T: Now let`s train our tongues. I want you to read the words from the screen now. Who can read them aloud? Let's read them all together in a whisper. Can you translate them? Read the words in pairs, please. Now make up the word combinations. (Слайд 1)

to spend    to go      to miss     to take        to enjoy    to start   to gather    parents abroad a trip shopping holidays mushrooms   care of

(Keys: to spend holidays, to take care of, to go abroad, to miss parents, to start a trip, to enjoy shopping, to go shopping, to gather mushrooms.)�

Речевая зарядка.

T: The next task for you is to use these words and word combinations and answer my questions:

- Where did you spend your last summer holidays?

- Do you take care of your granny?

- Will you go abroad next summer?

- Did you go shopping yesterday?

- Do you like to gather mushrooms?

- Did you have a trip last summer? When did you start it?

- Does your mother enjoy shopping?

- Can you gather mushrooms all day long?�

IV. Закрепление навыков выражения согласия или несогласия.

T: Let`s play the game «Agree or Disagree».

- You spent your summer holidays in the country.

- You didn't go to the country in July.

- The weather was rainy last August.

- It was interesting to spend your summer holidays in the city.

- You visited your grandparents in June.

- You gathered mushrooms in July.


V. Тренировка навыков чтения и устной речи.

T: Today we `ll learn to write a letter giving news. Open your exercise books and write down the topic of the lesson.

Writing a letter to a friend from a camp giving news. (Слайд 2)

T: A boy, Ryan by name, is now in a summer camp. He wrote a letter to his friend Angie. Before reading his letter, let`s learn some new words. (Слайд 3)

T: Now read the letter and fill in the appropriate topic sentences. A topic sentence starts a paragraph. It is the summary of the paragraph or an introduction to the topic of the paragraph. There is one sentence you do not need. (Слайд 4). (Приложение) (Keys: 1 С 2 A 3 E 4 В)

T: Replace the topic sentences in the letter with other appropriate ones.

(Keys: 1.How's it going? 2. We have lots of activities throughout the day. 3. I can't wait until this weekend. 4. That's all my news.)

T: Read the letter again and answer the questions:

1 Who is the letter from? Who is the letter to? (The letter is from Ryan to Angie.)

2 How does the letter start/finish? (It starts with: Dear Angie and it ends with: Love,)

3 Which of the phrases can you use instead of Love? (Yours; Best wishes; Lots of love)

Yours Thanks again ..,�Best wishes .., Lots of love Fine ...

4. Which paragraphs are about Ryan's daily routine/ fixed arrangements?

(Paragraph two is about Ryan's daily routine. Paragraph three is about Ryan's fixed arrangements.)

5. What tenses does Ryan use in these paragraphs? (He uses the present simple. He uses the present continuous with a future meaning.)

6. Which paragraphs include Ryan's opening/ closing remarks? (Paragraph one includes Ryan's opening remarks. Paragraph four includes Ryan's closing remarks.)

VI. Обучение написанию статьи.

T: - Now look at the screen. Imagine you are at Sunrise summer camp. Read the advertisement and then choose activities from the advertisement to answer the questions: (Слайд 5)

1. What do you do at the camp in the morning? In the afternoon? In the evening?

2. What are you doing this weekend?

T: Read the plan of the letter. (Слайд 6) Write it down.

VII. Итоги.

T: What did we do today? What did we learn?

VIII. Домашняя работа.

T: Use your answers from Ex. 2 and the plan to write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her your news. (80 words) Use Ryan`s letter as a model.

(Слайд 7)

Использованные материалы:

I. Учебник: Virginia Evans, Neil O’Sullivan “Click On 2. Student’s Book”. (Express Publishing - 2001.)

II. Книга для учителя: Virginia Evans, Neil O’Sullivan “Click On 2.

Teacher’s Book”. (Express Publishing - 2001.)

III. Поурочные разработки по английскому языку к УМК М.З.

Биболетовой и др. “Enjoy English” 5 – 6 классы. (М. “BAKO” 2008.)

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