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Презентационная работа по английскому языку, составленная учащимся старших классов и посвященная родному городу автора - Новосибирску, а вернее его академическому городку и институтам там расположенным. Вся работа выполнена на английском языке.

Краткое содержание

  • Научный центр
  • Все о научном центре
  • Институт математических наук
  • Институт Биоорганической химии


  • Слайд 1

    Novosibirsk. Places of Interest

    Igor Astrenko Form 9a School #2 , Dovolnoe

    Head: N.A.Serdyukova


  • Слайд 2

    Аkаdемic centre. What is it?

    In 1957 the Siberian branch of an Academy of sciences of the USSR (nowadays - Russian academy of sciences) was organized. It was situated in the Аkademic Centre . Novosibirsk became the centre of science.The development of scientific researches on priority directions is supportedby the state.The Siberian scientific schools turned the city into a large centre of science of Siberia. In 1992 there were 32 research centres and 5 institutes of technology. Novosibirsk became the third university city in Siberiaafter Tomsk and Irkutsk. Novosibirsk state university was founded in 1959.

    Cinema "Academy''

  • Слайд 3

    Аkаdемic centre.What is it?

    It is a large scientific complex and the most beautiful place. Itis situated 40 km from the largest city in the east of the country - Novosibirsk, in a pinewoodamong the birches, near the man-made Оb sea. There are no factoriesbut many scientific institutes surrounded with forests.

    Science is one of the basic sources of the employment of the population in Novosibirsk Аkademic centre.In Lavrentyev'avenuethere are more than 40 research institutes .

    The house of the scientists

    The house of the scientists in the night

  • Слайд 4

    About the Аkademic centre

    The Аkademic centre is a prototype of a number of such centres of science in other countries. The Novosibirsk centre of science is the largest in the Siberian branch of SO RAN, there is about a half ofitsscientific potential there. The centre was built in 1957.

    Institute of Geology

  • Слайд 5


    Novosibirsk centre of science is the largest in the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of sciences.It includes about half of the resources of the Siberian branch. According the governmentdecision the centre was built in 1957 as a unique scientjfic complex including all the fields of science.

    Building of presidium of SO RAN

  • Слайд 6


    Institute of Mathematics

    The incorporated institute of computer science

    The Sobolev institute of Mathematics , Institute of the Mathematical Geophysics (Computer centre) ,Incorporated institute of computer science , Institute of Computing Technologies,theYershov Institute of Systems of computers develop the mathematics and information technologies.

  • Слайд 7


    Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

    During many years the Аkademic centre became a prestigious place for work and rest. Here, among the birches and pines there are inhabited buildings and scientific institutes. In modern conditions the Novosibirsk Akademic centre turns into a high technological zone.

  • Слайд 8

    Information Resources

    Новосибирск. А. Гордин. Москва «Планета» 1990г.

    Электронный переводчик «Promt»Гигант1998

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