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    Гиренко Людмила Васильевна, учитель английского языка МОУ-гимназии №11 г. Тулы

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    Данная работа предназначена для использования при введении в лексическую ситуацию «Жилье. Виды жилья в Великобритании и Америке» при обучении английскому языку в старших классах школ с углубленным изучением данного предмета. Однако материал может быть применен и в школах, где язык не является профильным предметом, если учитель уменьшит степень самостоятельности учащихся при выполнении заданий. Презентация содержит демонстрационный и лексический материал по теме, а также упражнения на закрепление материала, которые могут быть использованы для контроляи предполагаемое домашнее задание. При создании использовалась программа Microsoft PowerPoint и Интернет Объем презентации - 16 слайдов

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    A HOME

    a house a place for pets a place for the old a family ahabitat a town or a country

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    a building a famous family a parliament an institution school or theatre a household

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    Use in word combinations:

    HOME to miss … a holiday … to make some country a … come from a happy … a broken … a dogs’ … a children’s … the tiger’s … the … of jazz … HOUSE a two-bedroom … to wake the whole … an opera … a dog… a publishing … a coffee … the … of Commons to play to a full … the Windsor ... to miss … a holiday … а two-bedroom … to make some country a … to wake the whole … anopera … a dog… come from a happy … a publishing … a coffee … a broken … a dogs’ … a children’s … the … of Commons to play to a full … the tiger’s … the Windsor ... the … of jazz …

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    1) cottage 2) caravan 3) bungalow 4) block of flats 5) castle 6) detached house 7) houseboat 8) mansion 9) palace 10) tent 11) semi-detached house 12) lighthouse 13) terraced house a) The official home of a king. b) A tall building with many apartments. c) Not joined to another house. d) A large impressive house. e) A vehicle to live and sleep in. f) Built in one level without stairs. g) A small country house. h) A boat that people can live in. i) A house in a row of joint houses. j) A shelter used for camping. k) Built in the past for protection by kings. l) Has a shared wall with another house. m) Warns and guides the ships

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    cottage caravan bungalow block of flats castle detached house houseboat mansion palace tent semi-detached house lighthouse terraced house lighthouse houseboat palace bungalow cottage detached house semi-detached house block of flats castle terraced house tent caravan mansion WELL DONE

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    About 80% of British people live in houses. Detached houses are usually in expensive suburbs, quite far from the town centre, near to the countryside. Semi-detached houses are often nearer to the town centre. Terraced houses and blocks of flats are much cheaper and can be found in town centres. Most British houses have a garden. Most gardens, even small ones have flowers and a lawn. This is the back of a country cottage. Many British houses have front gardens too.

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    Owing your own home is a part of the American Dream. Most of Americans save for years, then make a down payment and take a mortgage or loan for the rest of the money. But some people never own a house and rent an apartment in a building called condominium somewhere close to the centre. Out in the suburbs and in the country, home is more likely to be a one- or two-family house. Traditional American houses are two stories high and made of wood or stone.

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    There is no place like home. East or West, home is best. Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones. Build your house upon a rock. Don’t build your house upon a sand. Think of the Russian equivalents of the given proverbs and use your imagination to illustrate one of them. !

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