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    The national emblems of Kazakhstan and USA

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    The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a piece of right-angled cloth of a sky-blue color with a picture of a golden sun with 32 rays in the center, sitting above a soaring steppe eagle. The flagstaff has a vertical line of national ornamentation. The picture of the sun, its rays, eagle and ornament are gold in color. The width/length ratio of the flag is 1:2. The coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted on June 4, 1992. The authors of the emblem are ZhandarbekMаlibekov and ShotaUalikhanov. About 245 projects and 67 description designs of the future arms took part in the final competition. The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an image of shanyrak, the upper dome-like portion of a yurt, against a sky blue background which irradiates (in the form of sun rays) uyks (supports) set off by wings of mythical horses. The circle shape of the Emblem is a symbol of life and eternity. The shanyrak symbolizes the well-being of family, peace and calm. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Since April, 1990 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been Nazarbayev, NursultanAbishevich

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    The flag of the United States of America is a flag with seven red and six white horizontal stripes. In the Canton of blue – 50 five-pointed stars of white color. 13 stripes reminiscent of the early period in the history of the American flag (1775-1783 gg.), where each state (there were 13) corresponded to one stripe and one star. 50 stars in the Canton represent the 50 States. The aspect ratio is 10:19

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    The coat of arms of the United States or Great seal of the USA – used to confirm the authenticity of documents issued by the government of the United States of America. U.S. Secretary of state is the official custodian of the Great seal. To see the Large print in the exhibition hall of the State Department in Washington. Its main element is found only in the U.S., the bald eagle (the Americans call it "bald eagle") is a symbol of sovereignty and power. He also is a national symbol of the United States. In one paw he holds 13 arrows, in the other an olive branch symbolizing that the United States of America "if you want peace, but always ready for war." The olive branch is traditionally depicted with 13 leaves and 13 olives. The eagle's head turned towards the olive branch, which means a greater preference for peace, not war. Branch and arrows also mean "power, as great in peace and in war."

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