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  • Слайд 1

    The National Gallery

    By ShevelevaMariya11-A form

  • Слайд 2

    British National Gallery has one of the best collections of Western European painting, which contains almost all the paintings of great artists and there are all the schools of European pictorial art.

  • Слайд 3

    Today, the gallery contains over 2,500 paintings, which belong to the 13-20 century. All works are exhibited in galleries in chronological order

  • Слайд 4

    British National Gallery was founded in 1824. During this year the first collection was bought. It consisted of 38 paintings and belonged to the famous banker Angershteyn. These 38 paintings became the basis for future gallery (money for such a valuable asset allocated House of Commons).

  • Слайд 5

    The first time the painting of the National Gallery were exhibited in the Angershteyn's house. The existence of the museum was kept by the British Parliament, which gave to the needs of the gallery large sums of money. At all times there were patrons who gave generous gifts to the gallery.

  • Слайд 6

    The collection of paintings of the museum is regularly updated. The main sources of these completions were donations and legacies from collectors, various organizations' help sometimes the state's help.

  • Слайд 7

    In 1831, a decree was issued to move the British National Gallery. The museum demanded a separate building, because the banker's house was too small for collection.

    The building project was designed by Wilkins. The museum building was built in Trafalgar Square, and in 1838 was the grand opening of the gallery.

  • Слайд 8

    During the Second World War, the building was damaged by ten bombs, but pictures didn't affect all exhibits were evacuated in advance. Museum was rebuilt, and since January 1946, he again takes the guests.

  • Слайд 9

    Five of the most famous paintings of the National Gallery

  • Слайд 10

    A Young Woman standing at a Virginal

    Johannes Vermeer

    about 1670-2

  • Слайд 11

    Bacchus and Ariadne



  • Слайд 12

    Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses)

    Paul Cézanne

    about 1894-1905

  • Слайд 13

    Bathers at Asnières

    Georges Seurat


  • Слайд 14

    Bathers at La Grenouillère

    Claude Monet


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