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  • Present simple
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    Present simple


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    The present simple is found from the stem of the verb. In the third person singular we add the ending ‘s Which is pronounced {s} {ız} {z} wantsteachestells after voiceless after voiced consonant consonants sibilants after vowels

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    The rules of adding (-s)

    +s -ss,sh,ch,x,o +es vowel +y+s consonant +y+ies Gets watches buys flies Sheezes smashes plays dries Drives mixes pays cries Writes goes says tries Drops kisses reaches We add-es after (-ss,sh,ch,x,o) mixes, goes…etc. We change –y into –I if it is preceded by a consonant. If it isn’t preceded by a consonant no changes, we only add (-s) Flies, plays

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    1)The present indefinite mainly serves to express recurrent or permanent actions in the present. a) We find recurrent actions with terminative verbs: He wakes uparound six o’clock and has a cup of coffee. b) We find permanent actions with durative verbs: I teach English and history at a college, and I live with my parents.

  • Слайд 7

    2) Occasionally the present indefinite is used to express a succession or point actions taking place at the time of speaking. In this meaning it is used in stage directions or by radio and TV commentators in describing sports events, etc. That means that this use of present indefinite is stylistically restricted. Now I peel the apples, slice them and put into the dish, then I whip the cream until thick and pour it over the apples.

  • Слайд 8

    3) The present indefinite is sometimes used to express a single action going on at the moment of speaking where normally the present continuous is used a) The use of the present simple indefinite becomes obligatory with stative verbs I quite understand what you mean. b) Is also used for an instananeous action which takes place at the moment of speaking but it is not viewed in its progress You leave me no choice. I refuse to listen to you. You talk such nonsense.

  • Слайд 9

    4) The present simple may be used to express future actions a) Its use is structurally dependent i.e. compulsory, in subordinate clauses of time, condition and concession when action refers to the future. She won’t go to bed till you come. b) Its use is lexically dependent in object clauses after to see (to), to take care and to make (be) sure. He will take care that no one interferes with him. c) The use of the p simple with reference to the immediate future is structurally dependent in some special questions What do we do next? Where do we go now? What happens next? You look ill. Why don’t you go home?

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    d) The p simple may be used to indicate a future action which is certain to take place according to a timetable, program, schedule, command or arrangement worked out for person or persons officially. Can you tell me what time the game starts today, please. You see, in six weeks his regiment goes back to the front.

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    5) The p simple is used in literary style to describe a succession of actions in the past-it is used to make a vivid narrative of past events. This application of the p simple is often called in grammars the historic or dramatic present. She arrives full of life and spirit. And about a quarter of an hour later she sits down in a chair, says she doesn’t feel well, gasps a bit and dies.

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