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  • A Christmas carol(by Charles Dickens)
    Слайд 1

    A Christmas carol(by Charles Dickens)

    Created by Veronica Nagimova 5 th form, School №629 Moscow For «Christmas-time-Reading»

  • Слайд 2

    Have you ever heard about Christmas carols? They are religious songs sung at Christmas. But there is a Christmas carol which is not a song or a hymn, it is a story told more than a century and a half ago by Charles Dickens, the famous English writer. The book «A Christmas Carol» was given to me by my parents as a Christmas present.

  • Слайд 3

    The main characters are Ebenezer Scroodge (a rich bissnessman, selfish and lonely)Bob Cratchit (a poor clerk, a happy head of a big family)Fred (Scroodge’s nephew, a poor but kind man)Tiny Tim (Cratchit’s smallest son, a very week boy)

  • Слайд 4

    My favourite character is Scroodge. I was very sorry for that gloomy unhappy man at the be- ginning of the story. And I was very glad that Christmas time helped him to change himself, to start a new life, to understand that money doesn’t make people happy.

  • Слайд 5

    The most exciting mo- ments in the story are the visits of the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. They really kept me thrilled.

  • Слайд 6

    Dear friends, Christmas is a magic time to read magic stories. «A Christmas Carol» by Charles Dickens is one of them. Enjoy reading it!As I am fond of reading mysterious stories, next book I am going to read is «The Ghost».


  • Слайд 7

    Источник шаблона: Ранько Елена Алексеевна учитель начальных классов МАОУ лицей №21 г. Иваново Сайт:http://elenaranko.ucoz.ru/

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