Презентация на тему "Environmental Protection (Защита окружающей среды)"

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    Environmental Protection “Our Earth is Our Home”

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    Our Planet is in Danger! Every day we hear about environmental problems: Acid rain Pollution Climate change The destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats

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    The environment is all the things we need to be able to live - clean water to drink , air to breathe and healthy food to eat. We can’t live without plants and animals. They help to make the soil, they clean the water and air, and they give us all our food.

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    The world is our home and we want to see it clean and beautiful. At the same time we take from nature as much as we can. We cut down forests Build farms, houses, roads and factories on the land.

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    WASTE Chemical waste pollute river water, killing wildlife .The pollution affects the health of people and animals. We make a lot of waste. Some of which is TOXIC. We pour toxic waste into our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

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    ANIMALS IN DANGER! It is necessary to help wild animals. Many of them are in danger now. For example, pandas which live in the jungleand white bears whichlive in the Arctic.

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    Dodo (Дронт) The last of these large quiet birds died many years ago By the 1690s there were no dodos in the world.

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    Acid Rains Acid rains are dangerous for animals, plants, water and people.

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    FIRES Forest fires are one of the greatest natural destroyers of our forests. Each year fires burn millions of hectares of forest all over the world.

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    Rainforests Rainforests are very dense, warm and wet forests. Rainforests are found on every continent across the Earth, except Antarctica. They cover only 6% of the Earth’s surface but yet they contain more than a half of the world’s plant and animal species.

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    Extinct Animals They are in danger!

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    Greenhouse effect The Earth has been getting hotter because we are producing toomany greenhousegases. Because the Earth is getting hotter, ice is melting. Scientists say that in 2050 some parts of Great Britain will be under the sea.

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    What can we do to protect nature? We can recycle newspapers, bottles and metal cans. We mustn’t cut down trees. Feed birds in winter. Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Keep all water clean. Don’t use aerosol sprays. Don’t use chemicals in the garden. Turn off the light when you leave the room. Don’t cut wild flowers. Try to avoid buying plastic. It’s hard to recycle.

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