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    On October 31st British people celebrate Halloween. It is the most colorful and exciting holiday of the year.

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    Halloween is time for fun.It is very dear to those who celebrate it, especially to children and teenagers.

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    Streets and houses are decorated with pumpkins.

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    In ancient times people made fires and danced around them. They hoped to frighten evil spirits and to bring warmth to their houses.

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    The traditional decoration is Jack-o-lantern. People cut holes in the pumpkin and put a candle inside it.It looks frightening at night!

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    Children dress up, go from house to house and cry: “Trick or treat”? You are to give them some tasty things or they will play a trick on you.

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    The most popular costumes are of witches, skeletons, black cats, ghosts and other.

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    At Halloween parties children play traditional games. Many games date back to the harvest festivals of very ancient times.

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    One of the most popular is called bobbing for apples. One child at a time has to get apples from a tub of water without using hands. But how to do this? By sinking his or her face into the water and biting the apple!

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