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  • Home remedies
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    Home remedies

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    Pumpkin is a very healthy and useful plant. If you have eyes problems it can help you if you will eat Pumpkin daily. And people who suffer from anemia should make dishes with it. Also in the pumpkin has recently been discovered pectin, which have earned a reputation of excellent cleaner of toxins and even some poison. Furthermore, due to the content of the potassium salts pumpkin is useful in healing kidney disease.

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    Cranberry is very useful in healing of flu. Firstly, cranberries have antipyretic effect, and secondly - remove toxins from the body. A cranberry juice mixed with honey, not only helps with the cough and fights with angina, but also improves the immune system which saves you from the next cold or flu. Often the cause of cystitis and other diseases becomes E. coli, which can also cause infection. However, E. coli more than anything else is afraid of cranberry. And because of it this berry is often recommended from the treatment of indigestion.

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    Cherries are useful in stopping of blood and in healing of damaged skin. The roots of the cherry will help from stomach ulcers. If you have headache, instead of aspirin you can use cherries. If you’ll eat 20 cherries they can replace 1-2 tablets of aspirin. Besides, cherries are much tastier. And cherries are very good for teeth.

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    It ranked in the category of high-calorie vegetables and it leads to fullness. It's a pity, because there are lot of valuable ingredients that are used in Traditional medicine. Few people know that boiled potatoes can help with an upset stomach: it is an excellent remedy for indigestion and it cleanses the body from toxins.

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    They have antibacterial and antiviral effects, improve your heart, make it easier to fall asleep. Bananas are good from stomach ulcer. Doctors believe that you need to eat one banana daily. And If you’ll keep doing this you will save yourself from visits to the doctor because of stomach pains, caused, for example, by dyspepsia.

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    THE GREAT END (the bearbolit is watching over you)

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