Презентация на тему "United States of America (USA) / США (EN)"

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Презентация для школьников на тему "United States of America (USA) / США (EN)" по иностранным языкам. pptCloud.ru — удобный каталог с возможностью скачать powerpoint презентацию бесплатно.

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    английский язык
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  • Слайд 1

    What would you like to see in the

  • Слайд 2

    Why travel to the USA?

  • Слайд 3

    Tourist attractions

    Natural Man-made Event attractions attractions attractions Niagara waterfalls Parade on Independence Day Statue of Liberty

  • Слайд 4

    The USA and its attractions

  • Слайд 5


    Washington is the capital of the USA. It isn’t the largest city, but it is very beautiful and has many attractions. There is the Capitoland the White Housethere. In the Capitol the Congress works and in the White House the President lives.

  • Слайд 6

    Tourists come here to watch the “Pencil”, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial or to visit the National Air and Space Museum. The White House is an attraction, too.

  • Слайд 7

    N e w Y o r k

    There is no city quite like New York. It is known as The City That Never Sleeps. There are thousands of things to do and places to visit for tourists.The most famous landmarks must be The Statue of Liberty- a symbol of freedom and the Empire State Building.

  • Слайд 8

    Central parkis the largest park of the USA. There are many attractions in this park. Sports fans can watch and play baseball. You can relax in Central Park. There is Children’s Zoothere.

  • Слайд 9

    B o s t o n

    Boston is the oldest city of the USA. It is famous for its role in the War for Independence. Tourists can see many interesting things there. In the Public Garden one can go boating on a boat which has a shape of a swan. Every year Boston Marathon takes place in Boston. Many people take part in it.

  • Слайд 10

    L o s A n g e l e s

    Los Angeles is very big, noisy and famous all over the world because there is Hollywood. In Hollywood American films are made. And near Los Angeles there is wonderful fairy land called Disneyland. In Disneyland you can see the characters from Walt Disney’s films.

  • Слайд 11

    Natural attractions of the USA

    There are many natural wonders in the USA. The most widely known is Niagara Falls. It is an Indian word which means “roaring waters”. Other attractions are Yellowstone and YosemiteNational Parks, Grand Canyon,and the vast desert between Salt Lake City and Reno, Nevada.

  • Слайд 12

    Funny attractions

    ART CAR EVENTS The oldest and largest festival takes place in Houston. Every spring, it attracts curious people from all over the world. After the parade, judges give out all sorts of awards and prizes: Best Classic car, Best Political Statement, Best Art Bicyclist, and many others.

  • Слайд 13

    Mount Rushmore

    In South Dakota, USA, there is an interesting place to visit. It's a granite mountain. Four faces are carved on the mountain. They are the faces of four famous presidents. The presidents are Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. These gigantic heads are eighteen meters high. They are carved out of the granite of the mountain and are visible for over eighty kilometers. The monument is now an important place of interest which is visited by thousands every year. The name of this place is Mount Rushmore.

  • Слайд 14

    Children’s attractions

    There are many children’s attractions in the USA. The most famous are Disneyland in California and DisneyWorld in Florida. There is also Island of Adventures in Orlando.

  • Слайд 15

    Did you like our trip to the USA? Would you like to go there? What would you like to see in the USA? Why would you like to see it?

  • Слайд 16


    1. Disneyland and Hollywood are situated in: A) BostonB) Washington C) Los Angeles

  • Слайд 17

    2. The city that never sleeps: A) Boston B) Orlando C) New York

  • Слайд 18

    3. Niagara Falls are: A) Natural attraction B) Event attraction C) Man-made attraction

  • Слайд 19

    4. The oldest city of the USA is: A) Washington B) Orlando C) Boston

  • Слайд 20

    5. Mount Rushmore is famous: A) because it is small B) because it is big C) for the sculpture of four American presidents

  • Слайд 21

    6. The largest park of the USA is: A) Central Park B) Hyde Park C) Royal Park

  • Слайд 22

    7. The Statue of Liberty is situated in: A) Florida B) New York C) Washington

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