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  • Job interview
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    Job interview

    Готовый диалог

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    Good afternoon. How are you today? (!!!) – Добрый день. Как у вас дела? Good afternoon! I am fine, thank you. Would you like a drink before we start? (!!!) – Не хотите чего-нибудь выпить, прежде чем мы начнём? No, thank you. Please, tell me about yourself. (!!!) – Пожалуйста, расскажите о себе. Good afternoon! Let me introducemyself. My name is (фи), I am … years old, I graduatedKuznetsk college of service and design in … (в каком году закончишь), my maintain was hair art. Here is my profile.

  • Слайд 3

    What position do you apply for? (!!!) – На какую должность вы претендуете? I apply for a hairdresser position. I like to work with hair and make different hairstyles. Here you can see my works at college and practice. Tell me about your work experience? – Расскажите о вашем опыте работы. I practiced in spa salon “Beauty and The Beast” from 1st September till 30 October 2014. Then I practiced in a hairdressers “Tatiana” from 25th September till 31st October 2015. I got some reviews in my profile.

  • Слайд 4

    What was your favorite subject at college? – Какой был ваш любимые предмет в техникуме? My favorite subjects at college were permanent and hair coloring. I was a participant in many competitions of hairstyling. I always took the first place. When were you born? I was born on the (…th) of (…) 199(…) in (…) Are you married? Do you have children? I am not married. I have not children.

  • Слайд 5

    What were your main duties and responsibilities at “Beauty and the Beast”? I had to cut hair, make women hairstyles, clean the hairdressers and tools, make a manicure and make up and cash outcustomers. What other training had you got during your studying? I had manicure and pedicurecourses, make-up and customer service.

  • Слайд 6

    Why did you choose this company? How did you find us? I heard a lot of good critics about you, I found you in the Internet Do you have problems with law? Do you have criminal records? I have a paper that certifies that I have no any criminal records and problems with law. Do you have bad habits? I smoked during my studying. Now I give up.

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    How should I contact you? (!!!) Here is my phone number 1-324-534-6758. (!!!) Thank you. I call you. (!!!) Thank you very much. Have a nice day. (!!!)

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