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  • Ufa
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    Monument to Salavat Yulaev

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    SalavatYulaev is a national hero of Bashkiria. The monument in his honor was installed in 1967 on the Belaya river. Sculptor S. D. Tavasiev depicted the hero on horseback. The height of the sculpture is 14 meters, weight – 40 tons. This is the largest horse sculpture in Russia.

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    Bashkir State Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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    The Opera scene is there in Ufa since 1938. Today it is located in a building that was built in 1920. This is a historical and architectural monument of the city. The premiere performance was the Opera by Italian composer D. Paisiello, performed in Bashkir language.

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    Fountain "Seven girls"

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    One of the largest and most beautiful fountains in Ufa – singing fountain "Seven girls". The composition of the fountain is dedicated to the characters of the ancient Bashkir legend, according to which seven rebellious sisters escaped from captivity and jumped into the water, and then in the sky lit seven bright stars – the constellation of the Great Bear. Four times a day at the fountain you can listen to Bashkir folk music, and in the evening the jets of the fountain are painted with all the colors of the rainbow, creating a solemn and festive atmosphere.

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    The Monument of Friendship

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    The Friendship monument, located on the riverside of the Belaya river, is a symbol of the unity of the Russian and Bashkir people. Bashkortostan became part of Russia in the days of Ivan the terrible, and in the 50s of XX century in the center of Ufa was laid the first stone of the monument.

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    Bashkir Museum of Art named after M.V. Nesterov

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    M. V. Nesterov - Russian and Soviet painter. In 1913, he gave the city a collection of works by artists of the early XIX – XX centuries. The Museum was founded in 1919 and opened to the public in 1920. The exposition consists of paintings of Nesterov, objects of old Russian art, paintings of XIX-XX centuries, modern works and national art.

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    Lyalya Tulpan

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    Cathedral mosque Lala Tulpan is one of the most famous mosques in Russia. Landmark attracts attention not only with its unusual name but also the original appearance: the main building of the mosque embodies the image of a huge red Tulip, and two octagonal minarets resemble yet unopened flowers. The image of the Tulip is widely spread in Muslim culture, because the Arabic spelling of the word "Tulip" is very similar to the word "Allah". The mosque Lala Tulpan impresses with its beauty not only outside but also inside. This is one of the hottest tourist spots in Ufa.

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