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    My name is Kirill and I want to tell some words about game called golf. This topic is interesting for me, because this game attracts me by beauty and accuracy of strikes. It is important for every golf player. Golf as the other games has its own history and rules. If to speak about the history of the golf , first of all we must notice that nobody will know the name of the shepherd who was the first to hit the round stone by stick. The authorship of the game name challenged between Scotland and Dutches which had very popular game: Kolven. However it was played on ice too.

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    1457 - The first written mention of a golf in the decision of parliament of Scotland. King James forbade this game because solders neglected bow shooting training - instead of it they constantly played golf. 1744 - Edinburg society of golf players makes the first list of rules. One of thirteen rules regulates “carrying” the ball out of the water accumulated on the field. 1848 - The balls mode of feather , were replaced by unicomponent rubbery. 1922 - The golf became business. The first time in a history of golf the tickets were sold for the game. Earlier visiting of tournament was completely free of charge. 1922 - Walker cup (the first international team tournament in the history of golf ) began from an easy victory of Americans above the amateur combined team of UK. 1947 - The golf was shown on TV for the first time.

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    And now its time to speak about golf’s rules. Golf is a game in which you need only ball, hole, golf club and a field where all these components unite to get unlimited pleasure. The game begins on the momentwhen the ball is to beaten by golf –club on specially prepared area, known as play ground “T” to the direction the other prepared area with hole on it, known as “patting green”. That mean shortly cut grass plat a round the hole. At this time ball’s way is crossing two types of plats : “fairway” with grass of medium length and “rough” - long grass from the sides of fairway.The main point of the game is as people say , to pass the hole: that means that the player, beginning the game from T play ground, must to hit the ball into hole, locatedon patting green with minimum number of strikes. Golf circle consists of 18 games for holes.

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    There are two types of the game, one of them is defined by parity won and lost holes (match game) and the other defined by total number of strikes made for finishing the circle (game for count of strikes). You must remember three major principles in this game : - Play on a field as it is, - Play the ball as it has lain, - And if nether this nor that is possible, act fair. You must know the rules to act fair. Some time ago such type of golf as mini golf appeared. The mini golf has got popularity almost equal to a golf. There are few distinctions betweenthem. But mini golf is obviously more convenientand available. The basic difference is that min: golf player uses only one golf-club for the whole game. This golf – club is called putter. With the help of whichplayerrollsup the ball into hole. It is often used artificial covering of the field in mini golf.

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