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Презентация для школьников на тему "Современное телевидение" по иностранным языкам. pptCloud.ru — удобный каталог с возможностью скачать powerpoint презентацию бесплатно.


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    TV pptcloud.ru

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    USA (1903) Charley Chaplin made his first film, Making a living, in 1914 inthe USA

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    The Russian film industry was going its own way. It produced such great films as Protazanov’s “The Queen of Spades” in 1916. In 1927 Warner Brothers in Hollywood made the first Film in which an actor sang and spoke. The film was called “The Jazz singer”.

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    It’s interesting to know

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    Modern TV

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    I find … suitable for children…

    What is your favourite TV program?

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    TV is cool! What wewatch

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    What do you like to watch on TV?

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  • Слайд 10


    No Crime Violence Cruelty On TV!

  • Слайд 11

    Read the newspaper clippings

    Between 22 and 34% of young males imprisoned for committing violent crimes report having imitated crime techniques watched on TV. Dr. Ming, University of Illinois, found that youngsters who watched a lot of TV when they were 8 years old were more likely to be arrested for criminal acts. Do you think violence on TV should be forbidden? Who should be responsible for that?

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  • Слайд 13


    But remember the saying: “He who owns the information he owns the world”. Many people, many minds! Everybody must choose himself what to watch.

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    What’s on the telly today?

    Who is the cleverest Show with Malakhov News block Advertisement Cartoon Film Sing with stars

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    Who is the cleverest ?

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    Talk Show With Andrey Malakhov

  • Слайд 19


    Interview with Alexander Rybak

  • Слайд 20

    Alexandr Ribak

    His star (to light) after the Eurovision. Alexander ( be born) in 1986 in Minsk. At the early age he (totake) to music school by his parents. He liked folk music, played the piano and the violin. A lot of nice songs (to write) by this talented musician. He played in some musicals and have a tour in America, China, Europe. This Eurovision award (to give) to him for his song “Fairytale” and next Eurovision (hold) in Norway.

  • Слайд 21

    Interview withAlexandr Ribak

    When… you first song (towritte)? You took part in a successful musical. … it (to show) in Broadway? Who …the song “Fairytale” (to devote) to? When … your next concert (hold)? Where? My first song …(towrite) at the age of 9. No, unfortunately it … (not to show) in Broadway. It (to devote) to the girl who I fell in love with. It … (to hold) in London in November.

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    Fareed Zakaria, famous author analyst, says that the percentages of the global GDP will be the same in the USA, but in Asia it (to rise) for the next 20 years.

  • Слайд 24


    The US unemployment (to increase) by the economical crisis.

  • Слайд 25


    H1N1 Back to school time this year (to overshadow) by the swine flu. Europe is bracing against the new virus — too much or not enough?

  • Слайд 26


    Eat it, drink it, move it! The latest EU anti-obesity slogan (to sound) at last EU Youth meeting. Nowadays The Fight against cancer (to head) by the Eurocommittee.

  • Слайд 27


    Remaking of the “Fame” by Alan Parker (to show)soon at the cinemas of Moscow.

  • Слайд 28


    Vivienne Westwood’s pret-a-porter collection (to show) in Paris. It was typically anarchic – this time apparently in reference to global warming.

  • Слайд 29


    A perfect goal (to core) by Andrey Arshavin at the match between Arsenal & Blackb’n last Tuesday.

  • Слайд 30


    Your baby (to protecte) better if you use Johnson’s baby

  • Слайд 31


    You want long eyelashes? Impressive look? Just choose Ultimeyes! And everybody (to be delighted) with you

  • Слайд 32


    Enjoy shopping! Hurry up! Good sales (to offer) in L’Etoile.

  • Слайд 33


    FOR AUTO-LOVERS !!! Perfect exhibition (to hold) on November, 12. Taganskaya 24

  • Слайд 34


    New i-phone (to make) for you! 19999 rub. J U S T

  • Слайд 35


    COMEDY CLUB (to show) on October, 23 in ATRIUM.

  • Слайд 36


    Tickets for EUROVISION Dance Contest (to sell) in all booking-offices of Moscow. Call: (495) 2987699

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    Gabriella Vanessa Hudgens Troy Zac Efron

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    Start of something new At New Year party

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    What has been done?

    Modern TV Old films Interesting facts Test Newspaper clippings Quiz Cartoon Dialogue News Advertisement Film Song Speak about Tell Learn Do Discuss Hold See Act Learn Make Tell Sing

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    НХСШ №10

    Автор: Алексанян Сара Михайловна

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