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  • Christmas StoryРождественская история
    Слайд 1

    Christmas StoryРождественская история

    Творческий проект Ангелина Тарловская, 4 а класс Мария Черкасова, 6 а класс Руководитель: Тарловская Елена Анатольевна

  • Слайд 2


    Once upon a time a white snowflake found itself on a desertplanet. When it got warmer the snowflake melted and turned into water. Several years later it grew frosty and a lot of snowflakes fell down to the Earth. They covered the ground and the planet was now called Snowy Empire. Christmas Story

  • Слайд 3


    The snowflake’s name was Fluffy. She differed from other snowflakes greatly. All the other snowflakes were grayish like a cloudy sky. Fluffy was plump, funny, and kind and she glittered in the sunshine so brightly! Fluffy and her fellow snowflakes were drifting in the cloudy sky but nothing happened….. . One year the winter was severe and it grew frostier and frostier. The ground was cold, and so were the trees and animals in the forests and people in big cities and small towns…But the snow wouldn’t fall! What could they do? They looked in the sky and asked themselves: “Where are all the snowflakes gone?”

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  • Слайд 5


    As it was Christmas time, Santa Clause was going to travel all over the earth to give everyone presents. But he saw that there was no snow on the ground so his sleigh wouldn’t go! He went to Snowy Empire and asked the snowflakes: “Snowflakes, snowflakes, Float to the Earth, Fall to the ground And make the roads soft! Cover the forests, Cover the streets, Cover the gardens And Christmas trees!”  

  • Слайд 6


    Fluffywasalwaysreadytohelpothers, soshecalledherfellowsnowflakes: “Joinme, littlesisters, We’llgototheground, AndcovertheEarth Formilesaround!” Andtheymerrilyfloatedtogethertotheground, makingeverythingwhite, brightandcheerful. Andthepeoplewouldraisetheirheadsandsay: “Oh, whatasight! Isn’titwonderfulthatthisyearwearegoingtohavewhiteChristmas?” Everyonewashappy - treesintheforests, childrenandtheirparentsinbigcitiesandsmalltowns, andSantaClause. Nowhecouldgoinhissleightopeople’shousestogivethempresents. AsforFluffyandherfellowsnowflakes, theywerehappytodecorateChristmastreeinTrafalgarsquareinLondon. FluffyshoneproudlyatthetopoftheChristmastree, makingChristmasreallymerryandwhite!

  • Слайд 7


    Merry Christmas!!!

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