Презентация на тему "Personality. The concept of personality"

Презентация: Personality. The concept of personality
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  • Презентация: Personality. The concept of personality
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    Personality. The concept of personality

    Zakariadze Roman PPO148-1

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    Personality psychology is a person as a carrier of consciousness. It is believed that a person is not born but are in the process of life and work activity when communicating and interacting, people compare themselves with others, highlights their "I". Psychological characteristics (features) of the person fully and clearly disclosed in the activities, communication, relationships and even in the appearance of a person.

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    Personalities are different - the harmonious development and reactionary, progressive and one-sided, highly moral and despicable, but each person unique. Sometimes this property - originality - is called the individual, as a manifestation of the unit. However, the concept of individual personality and individuality are not identical for content: each of them reveals a specific aspect of an individual human existence. The personality can be understood only in the system stable interpersonal relationships mediated content, values, sense joint activity of each participant.


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    The great significance of the role of the team in the development and education of the person. Education - in the broadest sense, is purposeful process of the formation of intelligence, physical and spiritual strength of personality, prepare it for life, active participation in the labor force. Education in the narrow sense of the word - a systematic and purposeful the impact of the teacher on the educability to form they desired attitude towards people and events of the world.

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    Personality - social unit, the subject, the bearer of social - human activity - the child will be only when and where and when he begin to do these activities. At first, with the help of an adult, and then without it. Personality and arises when the individual begins to yourself as entities engaged in external activities on norms and standards for data it from the outside - the culture in which he wakes up in the bosom of the human life, to human activity. Meanwhile, human activity I turned on him, and he remains the object of her individuality, which he, of course, already has, is not yet a human personality. So - the person is only where there is freedom. Freedom of genuine, not imaginary, the actual deployment of human freedom in actual cases, in relationships with other people, not in self-conceit, not pleasure feeling his imaginary singularity.

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