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  • Слайд 1


    Have a lot of fun Learn Enjoy Read

  • Слайд 2

    A is for Apples and Apple-treesYou can see apples on apple-trees

    Aa [eɪ]

  • Слайд 3

    B is for Books and for Bookcase.I have many books in my bookcase

    Bb [bɪ:]

  • Слайд 4

    C is for Cat. My cat is grey,And with me it likes to play

    Cc [sɪ:]

  • Слайд 5

    D is for Dog

    Dd [dɪ:] And for Doggy I have a dog, not a doggy

  • Слайд 6

    E is for Eight

    Ee [ɪ:] and How much is and for ?

  • Слайд 7

    F is for Flowers: red and blue,White and yellow and rosy, too.

    Ff [ef]

  • Слайд 8

    G is for Girl, and also for GardenI see a girl going to the garden.

    Gg [dʒɪ:]

  • Слайд 9

    H is for Hand. I have two hands.

    Hh [eitʃ] This is the way I clap my hands

  • Слайд 10

    I is for I. I’m a boy, and I’m ten.I like to play with my brother Ben.


  • Слайд 11

    J is for Jam. This is apple jam.Jimmy likes it, and so does Sam.

    Jj [dʒei]

  • Слайд 12

    K is for Kite. Kate has a kite.It is little, and it is not white.

    Kk [kei]

  • Слайд 13

    L is for Letter. This letter is for me.It is from my sister, as you can see.

    Ll [el]

  • Слайд 14

    M is for May and May Day,For March and for Mother’s Day.

    Mm [em] “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  • Слайд 15

    N is for Nine, Ninety and Ninety-nine.Children, how much is ninety and nine?

    Nn [en] +

  • Слайд 16

    O is for One. One and two are three.Three little cats in a tree.

    Oo [əu] = +

  • Слайд 17

    P is for Pencils. With them I can draw:A red pen, a green treeor a blue door.

    Pp [pi:]

  • Слайд 18

    Q is for Questions: How are you?How old are you? And How do you do?

    Qq [kju:]

  • Слайд 19

    R is for Red. Many things are red.What can be red? Do you know, Fred?

    Rr [a:ʳ] a red apple a red flag red flowers a red letter

  • Слайд 20

    S is for Street. This is my street.There are a lot of trees in my street

    Ss [es]

  • Слайд 21

    T is for Tick and for Tock.“Tick-tock”, says the clock

    Tt [ti:]

  • Слайд 22

    U is for Under, but not for At.“I’m under the tree”, says Pat.

    Uu [ ju:]

  • Слайд 23

    V is in Five

    Vv [vi:] And also in seven It is in Twelve and in Eleven

  • Слайд 24

    W is for

    Ww ['dʌbl ju:] Where? When? Why? What? and Who is in the garden? and Who is not?

  • Слайд 25

    X is in Six. Let’s count up to six!

    Xx [eks] one two three four five six

  • Слайд 26

    Y is for a Yard where children play.They play in the yard every day.

    Yy [wai]

  • Слайд 27

    Z is for the Zoo. Let’s go to the Zoo.I like to go to the Zoo. And you?

    Zz [zed]

  • Слайд 28


    I know all leters well, I can read them all and spell. Oh! Well, you see, Now I can say the ABC!

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