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    Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждениеМанычская СОШ №11

    Russian Matryoshka Шконда Ольга Викторовна

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    Russian matryoshka is the most popular Russian national souvenir. You can buy it at all fairs and festivals not only in our country but in different countries of the world too.

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    . It seems that the matryoshka has come tous from ancient times from the world of legends and fairy tales. Actually, this doll is about 100 years old.

  • Слайд 4


    The first Russian matryoshka was made in 1890 in the Children’s Education workshop near the Abramtsevo estate. The owner was Sava Mamontov industrialist and a patron of the arts.

  • Слайд 5


    The end of the 19th century in Russia was a time of great economic and cultural development. Mamontov was one of the first patrons who created a new Russian style.

  • Слайд 6


    Why Russian matryoshka is the most popular national souvenir?

  • Слайд 7


    In old Russia, the name Matryona or Matryosha was a popular female name among peasants. It has a Latin root and means “ mother". This name is associated with the image of a mother of a big family who was very healthy and had a big figure.

  • Слайд 8


    There are different types of matryoshka: the Sergiev Posad type, Semionovo type and another. Matryoshkas depict different characters and classes: peasants, merchants and noblemen.

  • Слайд 9


    Sergiev Posad is a place where the first stacking doll was made by the artist Sergei Maliutin. These dolls are disproportional but they are very expressive. They are painted with gouach and have a varnish surface. They portraye whole family with children. The Sergiev Posad type of Russian toys. .

  • Слайд 10

    Semionovo is a large, old center of wooden handicrafts.The first matryoshka was made by Arsenty Mayorov. It was more decorative and symbolic than the Sergiev Posad matryoshka.

    An apron is considered to be the main part of the Semionovo painting. This doll has a thin top widens sharply into a thick bottom.

  • Слайд 11

    Why give a Matryoshka as a gift?

    Russian Matryoshkas show the spirit of time, the present and the past. They have a legendary value because they are pieces of folk art made with excellent precision and beauty. They have a story to tell and a message to communicate These dolls represent the soul and image of Russia.

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