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    William Shakespeare An author or only a person?

  • Слайд 2

    Shackspeare and Shakespeare

    There are some different between these persons.

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    In the name of god Amen I William Shackspeare, of Stratford upon Avon in the countrie of Warr., gent., in perfect health and memorie, God be praysed, doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and formefolloweing, that ys to saye, ffirst, I comend my soule into the hands of God my Creator, hoping and assuredliebeleeving, through thoneliemerites, of Jesus Christe my Saviour, to be made partaker of lyfeeverlastinge, and my bodye to the earth whereof ytys made. Item, I gyve and bequeath unto my daughter Judyth one hundred and fyftiepoundes of lawfull English money, to be paid unto her in the manner and formefoloweng, that ys to saye, one hundred poundes in discharge of her marriage porcion within one yeare after my deceas, with consideracion after the rate of twoe shillings in the pound for soe long tyme as the same shalbeunpaied unto her after my deceas, and the fyftiepoundesresidwe thereof upon her surrendring of, or gyving of such sufficient securitie as the overseers of this my will shall like of, to surrender or graunte all her estate and right that shall discend or come unto her after my deceas, or that sheenowe hath, of, in, or to, one copieholdtenemente, with thappurtenaunces, lyeing and being in Stratford upon Avon aforesaied in the saiedcountrye of Warr., being parcell or holden of the mannour of Rowington, unto my daughter Susanna Hall and her heires for ever.

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  • Слайд 5


    In his plays William described Denmark castles. But in fact he has never been there. For example in Hamlet

  • Слайд 6


    Francis Bacon theory Francis Bacon was very important person in those times. Between his students of the same year were Rosenkranz and Guildenstern. And they were also from Denmark.

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    Thanks for your attention!

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