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  • Tax Policy
    Слайд 1

    Tax Policy

    “The best course in the near term is to overhaul and to dramatically simplify the current tax code, eliminate taxes on savings for the middle class, and recognize that because we tax investment at both the corporate and individual level, we should align our combined rates with those of competing nations. Lower taxes and a simpler tax code will help families and create jobs.” Mitt Romney

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    Costs of income tax system

    The federal tax system has become so complex that Americans spend more than $400 billion annually in complying with—or creatively circumventing–the code. This amount represented a 40 percent surcharge on the taxes actually collected last year. Source: Office of Management and Budget; The Laffer Center

  • Слайд 3

    Tax Policy

    Number-one principal : no tax cut that adds to the deficit. INDIVIDUAL TAXES • Maintain marginal rates at current levels • Further reduce taxes on savings and investment • Eliminate the death tax • Long-term goal: pursue a flatter, fairer, simpler structure CORPORATE TAXES • Lower the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent • Transition to a “territorial” tax system

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    More Americans will be encouraged to save and to invest for the long-term → free up capital for investment flowing back into the economy and helping to facilitate economic growth Business climate no longer marked by hesitation → banks start to lend again → businesses start to hire Domestic companies that can compete strongly abroad are in a better position to grow and create jobs at home

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